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A word from the congress co-presidents

Another step in a common direction toward children's educational success !

CopresidenteWhile the Comité québécois pour les jeunes en difficulté de comportement (CQJDC) and the Observatoire international de la violence à l’école (OIVE) were reflecting on an original way of presenting the 7th edition of their respective congresses in 2018, the idea came to the organizers to bring together the expertise of these two organizations with a view to hosting an event focused on the educational success of young people.

When we focus on the well-being of our children and adolescents, whether in the context of school, family, leisure, community and even on the Web, our actions should be primarily preventive. We should also plan interventions that will be necessary to help them overcome particular problems or to be able to deal with difficult life situations.

Whether in the area of school violence or intervention with young people with emotional, social or behavioral needs, it is important to place an emphasis on the family environment, but also to involve all the stakeholders in the community who have the power to positively influence the overall journey of children and adolescents including change in their situation.

Educational success is an important goal for any society concerned with preparing its youth for adulthood and good citizenship. But it is up to us adults to teach them confidence building, to equip them with the necessary tools that are relevant for a meaningful life, as well as to raise their awareness of a variety of situations they may face over time.

The  CQJDC  and  OIVE as well as the  Chaire de recherche sur la sécurité et la violence en milieu éducatif de l’Université Laval (CRSVME) are pleased to offer you this world congress that will take place only once! Among its many partners are the Government of Quebec and the Quebec Federation of Parents’ Committees (QFPC), this conference welcomes speakers from 23 different countries from 5 continents. Researchers and practitioners will have the mandate to take a step further in the same direction to agree together on ways to achieve the educational success of our children. To all, we wish an excellent congress!


Couture Beaumont

Caroline Couture, Ph. D.
Professeure à l’UQTR, Québec
Présidente du CQJDC

Claire Beaumont, Ph. D.
Professeure à l’Université Laval, Québec
Titulaire/ Chaire de recherche CRSVME

Catherine Blaya, Ph. D.
Professeure au HEP Canton de Vaud, Lausanne
Présidente de l’OIVE

Message from the Minister

Sebastien proulxI am delighted to applaud the Quebec Committee for Youth with Behavioural Difficulties (QCYBD), the Chaire de recherche sur la sécurité et la violence en milieu éducatif and the International Observatory of Violence in School for holding the International Conference on Educational Success.  

This event is taking place within the framework of the 7th Biennial Conference of the QCYBD and the 7th World Conference on Violence in Schools and Public Policies. This international conference, which brings together researchers and practitioners, gives the participants an opportunity to discuss best practices in teaching and intervention as well as access to expertise developed in Québec and abroad by participants from various backgrounds.

The issues covered at this conference are particularly dear to my heart since they relate directly to one of the broad areas of intervention of the Policy on Educational Success: the mobilization of partners and stakeholders in support of educational success.

I would like to thank you for helping to further the mission of the Québec school system. Every day you draw upon the gifts of your imagination to foster the well-being of Québec’s young people and to help those with behavioural difficulties move forward on their path to educational success. Although Québec’s young people are ultimately the ones responsible for their success, you undoubtedly contribute to it through the support and supervision you provide every step of the way. Your presence at this gathering shows your desire to improve your teaching practices so that all students can achieve their full potential.

Have a pleasant and productive conference.

Sébastien Proulx


Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports and minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region

Ensemble on fait avancer le Québec






Message from the Mayor of Québec City

In order to grow, it is essential for every young person to find his or her place in our society. Québec City is therefore pleased to be hosting the International Conference on Educational Success, which has as its theme Tightly Knit Community… Successful Education! 

At a time when human coexistence gives rise to much serious reflection around the world, this gathering, in which knowledge and experience are key elements, constitutes a promising forward-looking event for those who are concerned about ensuring the present and future well-being of our children. Congratulations to the organizers of this important meeting for their visionary and rallying initiative.

To all participants, I wish you a very warm welcome to our splendid city. I encourage you to take advantage of your stay to become more familiar with Québec City and its uniqueness within the Americas. There is plenty to discover and enjoy!




Régis Labeaume
Mayor of Québec City






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Our Opening Conference     

Our Closing Conference



Ilona Boniwell, Ph. D.
MSc International in Applied Positive Psychology ( I-MAPP )
Anglia Ruskin University ( United  Kingdom and France)
École Centrale Paris and HEC Paris



Robert J. Vallerand, Ph.D., FRSC

Robert J. Vallerand, Ph.D., FRSC
Laboratoire de Recherche sur le Comportement Social
Département de Psychologie
Université du Québec à Montréal
Canada Research Chair in Motivational Processes and
Optimal Functioning

Important Date

Early bird and presenting author registration deadline
February 3, 2018

Online registration will close on
April 18, 2018
(it will still be possible to register onsite)