Visit and dinner at a Traditional Huron Site











The trip to the Traditional Huron Site located on the Huron-Wendat reservations a unique opportunity to discover the history, culture and lifestyle of Hurons of the past and of today.

« The evolutionary path of the Americas has to a certain extent historically tied our people. While visiting our recreated village and by letting yourselves be carried away by our stories, you will discover the hidden faces of the Huron way of life. We trust your stay amongst us will bring a better understanding of our evolution and culture ».
Mario Gros-Louis
Owner and founder

When: April 26, 2018
Preliminary  Schedule:
  • 19:00 Departure from the Québec City Convention Centre by bus
  • 19:25 Arrival at the Traditional Huron Site and visit of the boutique
  • 20:00 Guided tour

Visit of the Annonchia, the long house, where you will be introduced to the traditional way of life and the social organization at the time of the arrival of the Europeans. Techniques of food preservation (smoked and dried meats). Remind yourself of the old means of transportation. Receive an initiation to the spiritual life of the Huron people, including a sweat lodge and traditional medicine. Visit a giant tipi, find out about the different First Nations and learn about the present situation of the Huron-Wendat people.

  • 21:00 Traditional meal (menu subject to modification)
  1. Terrine (game meat)
  2. Traditional soup of the day and bannock (Indian bread)
  3. Tender roe cubes bourguignon, accompanied by wild rice and traditional vegetables. Home-style cake served with a savory maple sauce.
  4. Wild tea
  • 22:00 Native show

The sacred dances and ceremonies were traditionally performed to thank the Creator for the good harvest of wild fruits and corn during the fall season. The Huron-Wendat also performed those dances during special holidays, usually held between the first and the thirteenth moon. At the end of the show, visitors are invited to participate in the friendship dance. That dance was usually performed to strengthen the bonds between different nations.

  • 23:00 Departure from the Traditional Huron Site by bus 
  • 23:20 Arrival at the Québec City Convention Centre

Minimum participants required: 35

Cost: $70.00 CAD (Tax included)

Important Date

Early bird and presenting author registration deadline
February 3, 2018

Online registration will close on
April 18, 2018
(it will still be possible to register onsite)