Conférence Dorothy L. Espelage Presentation

School-based Violence & Bullying Prevention:  Translating Rigorous Research Findings into Practice

This keynote will review two decades of research on school bullying, sexual violence, teen dating violence, and gender-based harassment. Definitions, prevalence rates, and outcomes will be discussed with a particular focus on translating these research findings into prevention and intervention efforts in schools and communities. Evidence-based prevention programs will be highlighted, and implementation and sustainability issues of school-based programs will also be discussed.

Upon completion of this conference, participants should be better able to 1) understand the types and prevalence of bullying, sexual violence, and teen dating violence; 2) identify risk and protective factors associated with involvement in bullying, sexual violence and teen dating violence and 3) identify evidence-based and developmentally-appropriate interventions to prevent bullying, sexual violence and teen dating violence.

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3 février 2018

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18 avril 2018
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