Conférence Robert J. Vallerand Presentation

The Role of Passion in Successful Education

What is passion? Is it relevant to education and if so how may best passion contribute to successful education? The goal of this talk is to address these issues and others. We will see that passion is indeed relevant to the realm of education. I first present the construct of passion and the dominant theoretical conceptualization on passion, the Dualistic Model of Passion (Vallerand, 2010, 2015; Vallerand et al., 2003). The model posits the existence of two types of passion, namely obsessive passion that comes to control people and harmonious passion that remains under one’s control. While harmonious passion typically leads to adaptive outcomes, obsessive passion often triggers maladaptive processes and outcomes both for teachers and students. I conclude with a discussion on the determinants of passion and some practical recommendations.

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3 février 2018